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We help patent attorneys and innovators make important, profitable decisions with confidence and ease.


Our 100% U.S. Based Patent Search Firm Takes Pride In Your Project.

We don’t just go through the motions. Our 100% USA-based patent search team fully focuses on your problem to power you with unrivaled creative and technical insight. We don’t just load info into a template - we are committed to delivering search reports highly customized to your individual needs. We are like your dedicated, in-house team - we take pride in every project, communicating closely with you to make sure every report is delivered on-time and with care.


Backing you with unparalleled experience and expertise

Our powerhouse team has worked on both sides of the patent table. As Examiners, it was our duty to perform efficient patent research. As patent attorneys and agents, we worked on the other side prosecuting before the USPTO. We’ve carefully assembled the best patent minds in the industry with highly technical areas of expertise to give you accurate, insightful results the first time.


Let us create more time in your day

“I just don’t have enough time in the day” is something we hear all of our clients say. We get it right the first time to lessen your workload and give you more time in your day - so you have the freedom to move onto other projects or assignments.


Our easy-to-review search reports make fast decision-making a breeze

Our attractive, easy-to-read reports highlight key takeaways and insights, making them easy to review quickly. The one-of-a-kind format rarely requires extra work on your part. We go the extra mile to deliver your search results in a way that’s easily understood by everyone that might need to review it, whether or not they have a background in IP.


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A Refreshing Approach to Patent Searching

Experience the New Standard for Patent Searching.


We look forward to working with you!