client Testimonials


The collaborative atmosphere that Sherman Patent Search Group brings to a project is highly valued. Direct contact and communication with the folks doing the searching is really key in identifying the search scope and parameters for a search, leading to high-quality results and reporting found in the SPSG finished product. They are diligent in understanding what our needs are to deliver quality search results, they are competitively priced and their expertise in the engineering technical arts provides the insight needed to do more technically challenging types of searches that we might request. All told, we are very happy to be partnered with SPSG for some of our searching needs and look forward to that relationship continuing.
— Associate Director of IP, Major Biotech Sequencing Corporation

Sherman Patent Search Group are a class act all the way. During an intellectual property case, we contacted them and requested evidence of prior art in order to invalidate a patent. Sherman Patent Search Group came in on time, under budget and we were overly impressed with their results. They planned ahead, communicated with us along various steps in the process and accomplished all they said they would - in the time frame they initially provided. Our client, and by extension our firm, truly considers them a sound investment and we can honestly recommend their services to any and all.
— Paul P. Cheng, Esq. - Managing and Founding Partner

I have worked with Eugene for many years on all types of patent search projects from drafting provisional applications to creating massive support documents for accelerated examination applications. In all cases Eugene and Sherman Patent Search provide on-target search results in a timely, economical manner across a broad spectrum of technologies. Sherman Patent Search has proven to be highly adaptable on project requirements and is worthy of your search dollar.
— Nick Witchey, Ph.D., Reg. Patent Agent #63,481, Head of Intellectual Property

In my 25 years of practice, Sherman is the first patent search firm that I rely upon consistently. Sherman impresses me with high quality searches for me in the electrical, software, medical device and mechanical arts. They locked me in, though, with their report format. They have an uncanny way of knowing what we want and their reports make the attorneys in our firm more efficient.
— Steve Sereboff, Founding Partner, SoCal IP Law Group

Patent searches are a critical part of our work – SPSG is our go-to professional search firm. They’re efficient, comprehensive, and take a hands-on approach with their operation. SPSG combines the 3 things you look for in a search firm: timeliness, accuracy, and reasonable rates. Highly recommended. I have not used a different search firm in the last two years, whether it is for right to use, patentability, or invalidity. And I and my clients are much more comfortable using a domestic search firm rather than one where our clients’ confidential information gets sent offshore.
— Jeff Sheldon, Managing Partner, Published IP author

I’ve been involved with a lot of patent creation from my years in large Aerospace, first as a technologist, than as a technology manager.  But to date, I have never seen a patent search report of SPSG’s quality.

Our company is doing a lot of technology development that is difficult to get your head around, but SPSG reports are always well focused.

The content of the search results is exemplary, and SPSG even found one somewhat esoteric patent that we were aware of from an earlier patent filing.

Even more, the presentation of the search results is very impressive: clear, focused, concise, and with lots of white space rather than the jammed reports I’ve seen in the past - reports that looked like the writers were running out of paper.
— Director of IP, Southern California-based Aerospace Company

I have had the pleasure of working with Sherman Patent Search Group for over 3 years. My company was looking for a single patent search provider and we looked at 6 different search companies.

They provide very detailed and customized search results at very competitive pricing. They also have impeccable customer service and are very easy to work with on a daily basis. I enjoy working with them and am very impressed with the skill level and expertise of their team members.

Sherman Patent Search Group has increased our team’s efficiency when it comes to invention disclosure review and patentability search requests. The SPSG team is very hands-on and due to their technical expertise they are able to determine the scope of the invention and identify key search topics without additional support from our team.

I also recently had a Landscape search performed and Eugene was able to present the results in a manner that people from various non-IP backgrounds were able to easily understand. Sherman Patent Search Group is always willing to go the extra mile to help ensure their product is exactly what our company needs
— Patricia Stepp, PhD, In-house Patent Agent at a Major Corporation