Our Team



CEO and Founder
B.S. Mechanical Engineering, The Pennsylvania State University

  • Former USPTO Patent Examiner (TC 3700)

  • Over a decade of experience in patent examination, research, and analytics

  • Technical Engineering experience in automotive design, finite element analysis, cryogenic gases

Expertise Includes:

  • Complex Medical Devices

  • Advanced Electrical Systems

  • Software Engineering

  • Advanced Chemical Systems

  • Aerospace and Mechanical Engineering

  • Biological Systems




Vice President, Business Development and Client Relations
B.S. Communications from The Florida State University

  • Jillian has been with Sherman Patent Search Group since day one

  • Jillian has over a decade of experience in various leadership roles within Media Production and Communications

  • Jillian has vast experience in developing and nurturing relationships with new and existing clients

  • Jillian was born and raised in South Florida. She has lived all over including London, England, Washington, DC and – Los Angeles, CA. San Francisco is her favorite city.

  • When Jillian is not working, she’s busy being a mom to Lacey and Benjamin. She enjoys helping coaching Lacey’s softball team, cheering on Ben on his Special Olympics, early morning work-outs and adventures with her family.

  • Jillian’s passion is meeting our clients face to face to ensure they see we are real people who strive to give the highest quality searches supplied by our incredible search team




Search Director
B.S Mechanical Engineering, M.I.T.
M.S Engineering Sciences & Applied Mathematics, Northwestern University

  • Debbie worked as a mechanical engineer for several years, in both product development and defense systems before shifting to patent research.

  • Debbie has 9 years of Intellectual Property Research experience including time as a former USPTO Contractor. She is also a registered patent agent.

  • Debbie was born and raised in the Chicago area. She has lived on the East coast as well as the West coast, finally settling back in the middle.

  • When Debbie is not working she’s mom to an active little boy, spending most of her time running after the energetic pre-schooler at the park or on his scooter. She also enjoys cooking, sewing, and spending time in nature.

Expertise Includes:

  • Complex Mechanical Systems

  • Electrical Systems

  • Software

  • Medical Devices




Patent Search Associate | Client Development Lead
B.S. Mechanical Engineering, M.I.T.
B.S. Materials Science and Engineering, M.I.T.
M.S. Engineering Sciences, Harvard University

  • Jane double-majored at M.I.T. because she could not choose between her interests in Mechanical Engineering and Materials Science and Engineering; at Harvard, she focused her studies on the area between these two fields, the Mechanics of Materials

  • Jane has over 9 years of IP experience in patent prosecution, examination, and research; her former roles include: Technical Specialist at a top IP Law Firm, USPTO Examiner (TC 3700), Patent Agent (Reg. #72734), and PCT Quality Assurance Specialist

  • Jane was born and raised in New Jersey and has lived on the East Coast her entire life; Boston is one of her favorite cities

  • When Jane is not working, she can be found traveling, volunteering at her local animal shelter, and trying to learn French!

Expertise Includes:

  • Materials

  • Complex Mechanical Systems

  • Medical Devices

  • Electro-Mechanical




Patent Search Lead
B.S. Biomedical Engineering, Rutgers University

  • Former USPTO Examiner (Biomedical Devices Arts TC 3700)

  • Registered U.S. Patent Agent (Reg. #70909)

  • Over a decade of IP search expertise (public and private sectors)

  • Aaron enjoys indoor and outdoor cooking, he has multiple grills, smokers, and many indoor cooking gadgets.

  • Aaron was born and raised in southern New Jersey

  • Aaron is a lifelong Philadelphia sports fan and makes an attempt to watch the Sixers and Eagles game.

Expertise Includes:

  • Materials and Chemical Systems

  • Complex Mechanical Systems

  • Medical Devices

  • Electrical Systems

  • Biological Systems




Senior Patent Search Associate
B.S. Chemical Engineering, University of Arkansas
Ph.D Biomedical Engineering, University of Texas, Austin

  • Substantial technology commercialization expertise

  • Experience in comprehensively landscaping technologies

  • Vast technical and research experience in stem cell technologies

Expertise Includes:

  • Materials and Chemical Systems

  • Complex Mechanical Systems

  • Medical Devices

  • Electrical Systems

  • Biological Systems


Leonard Williams BW-225.jpg


Patent Search Associate
B.S. Chemistry, University of South Carolina
M.S. Organic / Bioorganic Chemistry, University of Maryland

  • Former USPTO Patent Examiner (pharmaceutical, biotech, chemical arts)

  • Former Technical Specialist at leading IP boutique law firm

  • Senior Research Scientist expertise: designed and synthesized carbohydrate ligands for assessment in organ specific delivery of drugs and targeting agents.

Expertise Includes:

  • Life Sciences

  • Bioorganic Chemistry

  • Pharmaceutical

  • Biotechnology and Chemical Arts




Senior Patent Search Associate
B.S. Electrical Engineering, NC State
M.S. Computer Science, NC State

  • Registered Patent Agent

  • Substantial technical experience in embedded systems, encryption, neural networks, machine learning, and software design