Need a Patent ASAP? How to Leverage Accelerated Patent Examination

Hundreds of thousands of unexamined patent applications.

18.1 months before the USPTO may even look at your application.

26.7 months before you may even see an approved patent.

A whopping 87.5 months if an appeal is necessary.

Need a patent soon? How is it even possible to expedite the process?


It is possible to sprint to the front of the patent approval line and receive a patent in a mere 12 months. Accelerated Examination requires a mere $140 fee - but you have to come ready. What will you need?

  1. Pre-Examination Search Document

  2. Examination Support document distinguishing any prior art found in the search

It’s important to nail these requirements, and experienced search firms have the critical experience required to know precisely what the USPTO is looking for to support Accelerated Examination applications. You’ll definitely need:

  1. The scope of the search

  2. Project notes identifying overarching opinions about the search

  3. Summary of each reference, with the critical components highlighted

  4. Well-documented and properly-sourced search history including classes and subclasses searched, what databases were used, what search logic was deployed, etc.

Lacking in any aspect can lead to a denied Accelerated Examination application, leading to costly time- and revenue-losses for your business. Need your patent soon? Our vast experience with the USPTO and hard-line attention to detail ensures your application runs to the front of the line.