Let us help you break out of the office this summer!

Ahh yes…summer is nearly here! That means the warm sun,

being chained to your desk,

dawn to dusk assignments,

and endless meetings.


Summer is supposed to be an icy patio beverage, a cool dip in the pool, delicious BBQ, carefree car trips, unforgettable getaways with friends and memorable experiences with the family. You’ve earned it! Here’s a few ways you can break out of the office, but still stay productive this summer:


Let us create more time for you!

Get work off of your desk so you can get a taste of a carefree summer. Summer is a great time to order any patent searches that might be burdening your workload. Leave those long nights in the office behind, setup your auto-responder and let SPSG do some of the work for you!

Treat your top customers

Summer is full of the kind of casual, relaxing fun that builds some of our best memories. Take advantage of it by extending an invite to your top clients or favorite co-workers. Baseball games, outdoor concerts or even a trip to your favorite waterside restaurant patio can solidify important working relationships for years to come!

Keep your LinkedIn updated

Find the little things that fall by the wayside during the crunch time of busier seasons. Update your LinkedIn with some of your latest projects and re-connect with contacts that you haven’t heard from in awhile. (Are we connected on LinkedIn? Let’s do it!)

Read that book or take that webinar!

We all have a stack of books we’re waiting to read, or subjects we’d love to brush up on. Take a little ‘you’ time to attack those languishing resources. Listen to those queued up podcasts poolside and take in a little sun while you learn about something new.

Larissa Lewis