SPSG: Celebrated for our work with In-House IP Teams!

"The collaborative atmosphere that Sherman Patent Search Group brings to a project is highly valued.  Direct contact and communication with the folks doing the searching is really key in identifying the search scope and parameters for a search, leading to high-quality results and reporting found in the SPSG finished product.  They are diligent in understanding what our needs are to deliver quality search results, they are competitively priced and their expertise in the engineering technical arts provides the insight needed to do more technically challenging types of searches that we might request.  All told, we are very happy to be partnered with SPSG for some of our searching needs and look forward to that relationship continuing."

- Associate Director of IP, Major Biotech Sequencing Corporation


Teamwork is such an important asset here at SPSG, and hearing how it benefits not only our internal team, but our clients is always a welcome honor. At SPSG, searches are never a silo-ed assignment to check a box off one person’s to-do list, but live in a collaborative environment where we merge all of our technical expertise to deliver the very best, accurate and insightful product.

This hands-on, shared atmosphere lets us dig deep into the technology and IP space to discover many of the little details that might be overlooked by other firms. The pride our entire team takes in each project makes us feel like your own dedicated, in-house search team.  

Larissa Lewis