Offshoring Patent Research: Is it Really Worth it to Offshore Your Brilliant Invention?

You or your team has worked day and night on a brilliant new idea destined to change lives and bring big profits to your business. You’ve finally reached the perfect timing for a patentability search, and are considering outsourcing your intellectual property overseas in order to cut costs. But is this really worth the extreme risks?


Risk #1: Incomplete Patent Search

It isn’t rare to find a cut-rate firm with inexperience in U.S. patent prosecution. Searchers are usually not well-versed in the nuances of the U.S. classification system, which can lead to confusing results or prior art slipping through the cracks. Need a patent soon? Firms lacking experience in Accelerated Examination applications can spawn costly time- and revenue-losses for your business.  A patent search firm that comprises of former USPTO Examiners have a distinct knowledge in patent prosecution, patent search best practices, and specialized knowledge in the classification systems used by the USPTO.

Risk #2: Substantial Fines

On July 23, 2008, the USPTO issued a notice that sending technical data abroad to prepare a U.S. patent application requires a special license from the Department of Commerce. Engaging in the improper export of technical data can result in devastating fines and penalties that can bring your idea crashing down before it even takes flight.

Risk #3: Stolen Inventions

There are substantial unknowns in ensuring an invention will not be stolen or implemented offshore. There’s nothing worse than seeing your cherished idea brought to market without you. No definitive method exists to protect inventors in this scenario.

Your idea or invention is extremely important to you. Don’t let the allure of perceived cost-savings damage your opportunity to see it to fruition! There are many ways to work with a U.S.-based search firm and still save money.